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Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the case of T.M.A. Pai Foundation Vs. State of Karnataka (2002) 8 Supreme Court cases 645 has directed the State Governments to provide regulation to ensure excellence in education while forbidding the charging of capitation fee and profiteering by the educational institution. In the case of Islamic Academy of Education Vs. State of Karnataka (2003) 6 Supreme Court cases 697 the Hon’ble Supreme Court directed the constitution of a committee by the State Governments in each State. As per the directions of the Hon’ble Apex Court the first State Fee Committee was constituted on 24th of March, 2004. In the year 2012 “The Haryana Private Technical Educational Institution (Regulation of Admission and Fee) Act, 2012” was enacted to provide for regulation of admission and fee for technical courses run by private technical educational institution in the State of Haryana and for matter connected therewith and incidental thereto. This Committee was constituted by Government of Haryana on 17th of July, 2013 as per the provisions of Section 3 of the above Act.

The composition of the Committee is as follows:-

1. Chairperson, a retired Supreme Court/High Court Judge or former Vice-Chancellor of a University or has experience in public administration at senior position.

2. Director General Technical Education (ex-officio) Member Secretary.

3. Three Members as follows:-

(i) A Chartered Accountant.

(ii) A person having vide experience in administration of Technical Education.

(iii) An academician not below the rank of Professor in Engineering or Management.

The Committee regulates Admission and Fee for Technical Courses run by a private technical educational institutions which have been defined in Section 2(k) of the Act as follows:-

Private technical educational institution means an institution offering a technical course and run by an individual, firm, company, association of persons, body of individuals, trust, society or any other legal entity and includes a private university established and incorporated by an Act of the Legislature or deemed to be university, defined under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956. .

Fee structure for technical courses

As per Section 11 of the Act, the Committee approves the fee structure for technical courses run by a private technical educational institution on analysis of all the documents and financial statements relating to faculty (teaching and non-teaching), infrastructure and operational cost. The Committee publishes the schedule for the coming academic session in advance to facilitate the private technical educational institutions to submit the fee proposal so that the same may be finalized much before the start of the next session. After submission of proposal it is scrutinized and additional information, if required, is called. Before finalization of fee proposal educational institution, parents or guardian and representatives of students already studying in the Institute are given opportunity of personal hearing and to submit written submissions with regard to the fee proposal. The fee for a particular course, as fixed is published on website of the Committee and also in the prospectus of Haryana State Technical Education Society. The fee structure so determined by the Committee is binding on all private technical institution (as defined in Section 2(k) of the Act) for a period of three years and shall continue further if the private technical educational institution does not approach the Committee for revision. Here it is important to note that a student admitted in a technical course shall pay the same fee applicable to him in the year of admission till the completion of his course. A private technical educational institution is not allowed to charge or collect any fee other than the fee determined by this Committee and more than fee of one term from a student in an academic year.

Regulation of Admission in a technical course

The Committee regulates admission in a technical course run by private technical educational institution as per the instructions of State Government.

If any complaint regarding the fee or admission is received or comes to the notice of Committee the same is dealt with as per the provisions of Section 21 and 22 of the Act.